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Local Moving

The last stop for all your moving needs, we at S&S are more than just furniture movers. We care about our customers. We provide a variety of services whether it concerns with moving within the town or a different part of the city. We know that moving is not that exciting and can be really stressing. We at S&S Movers take care of everything. The only thing left for you to decide is selecting the plan best suited for you. We want to make your move as effortless and stress free as possible.

Flexible Options
You can select from our wide range of option plans available . Our plans are designed and customized to best fit your need and budget. Though Therethere are many companies that are offering moving services, one may wonder why we claim to be the best.

Here are a few reasons to support our claim;

  • Experienced People
  • Humble Rates
  • Service With A Smile
  • Quality Assured
  • Fast Service
  • Wide Range Of Options

We understand a local move has to be quick because everyone is excited to reach their new destination as quickly as possible. What is the point of going for a Local Move if it is not completed in a day? When we say local move, we provide you the fastest services one can offer. we have our own fleet of trucks and pick-up vans on the ready for whenever you need us.

Packing and Unpacking
We have a wide range of packing options. You can select from packing to unpacking. If you request us, we can provide you with full packing service. And also, upon request, full unpacking service too. We pack for items, which need extra care and attention when packing such as your guitar and piano.

Quality Packing
We use quality materials when packing your items. Those items which cannot be packed in cartons such as furniture and appliances, we make certain that they are wrapped properly and with extra care. We keep your items safe and sound. While other companies might not practice such care, our team of professionals shows care when packing to meet your highest standards. We make sure that your items are delivered in the same condition as they were before.

Special Care
Our team of professionals takes good care of our customers. They not only service with a smile, but also take make sure that all your needs are met. We don’t just hire people for muscle. Our team is not just there to move your items, but they are there to solve any issues that may arise during the time.

Fast Movers
Moving can be a severe headache. And hiring an unprofessional can make it worse. Let us do it for you, our movers are trained and equipped to make your move as orderly and efficient as possible. We will make sure that your move is stress free and smooth. We won’t leave you with a headache, but with a good experience and a smile.

Secure and Responsible
Security is the main concern these days. The problem is some moving companies are not very keen on displaying moral principles. Not only they can damage your belongings, but they can also end up losing them too. We provide a 100% guarantee that if anything is damaged or lost, we will re-pay or repair your belonging. We want our customers to feel secure when handing over their belongings to us.

Reliable Movers
There are some cases where the movers do not turn up the day you move or delay your moving by not being on time. thatThat is the last thing anyonething anyone wants since they are already in a stressful situation. This is why for S&S Movers, reliability is our motto. We are very attentive to our customersour schedulecustomers schedule and understand the value of time. You will never be left disappointed with us.

Time Is Of The Essences
Some moving companies take a lot of time deliberately. they do so to take advantage of getting paid by the hour. We make sure that no time is wasted. Our movers are trained and certified to do their job as efficiently as possible. We have a staff of energetic and active people, who enjoy doing their work and will not compromise service to bill more hours..

Assisted Moving
Our exceedingly prepared group of Movers is in constant touch with the Move Coordinator allotted to you. the coordinator assigned to you will keep in constant contact with you at all times. He or she will be working with you during the course of relocation. You can also request your coordinator if you want to update or make changes to your current plan. He or she will be with you from the beginningthe beginning of the moving process till its end.

If you have any more queries, then you can reach us here: (225) 767-2940 (225) 754- 0403.

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