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Long Distance

When you move with S&S you’re not alone
Looking for a moving company compatible with your needs can be tiring and exhausting. Different types of challenges are encountered by long distance moving companies in packing your stuff and then moving it from state to state or cross country. Do yourself a favor and Make a great choice for your moving by choosing S&S Mover’s efficient and affordable moving services. We provide our clients solutions that help you save your money and be stress free with more storage space for the convenience of our clients.

One of the world’s most trusted long distance movers
Between states or cross-country, S&S Agents are the professional and experienced movers that answer with value, flexibility and efficiency. You get the best and trusted representatives to get the work done. You also get quality service around Greater Louisiana area. Wherever you go, S&S is always there to assist you to make your move more comfortable and relaxed.

Flexible long distance movers
Not everyone is the same and neither is the way they work or operate. As one of the best interstate movers, S&S begins by understanding what their client’s expects and what they need. After establishing your expectations and needs, we offer you choices that are compatible with your schedule and your budget. We believe in being flexible so that our customers are happy and content.

Right-priced value
S&S has built a reputation for excellent service as quality cross-country movers. Our clients are offered a wide range of bundles to choose from according to the value and pricing that they expect. Our team of professionals will be taking care of everything. You wouldn’t have to lift a finger or stress upon anything. We understand that budgets are limited and we always keep it in mind when making the plan. However, being affordable does not mean getting a cheap service. Out services are ranked among the best in the industry and we take great pride in this.

Long Distance Moving without any pressure

Who doesn’t want to get rid of pressure and be stress free when planning out moving ? That’s right, we are here to service you and take over your moving to keep your mind at ease.

We can deliver the container at your door step so that you have ample time to fill it up with your possessions and belongings. To ensure your household goods are not damaged, complete line of packing supplies are supplied to you or if you desire to outsource your packing as well, our team can help you with that very well. As soon as everything is packed and good to go into your moving container, just make a call to our customer service personnel who are available and are at your beck and call. We will collect the container from your door step and deliver it safely to your required destination.

Also, if you do not wish to handle anything on your own (packing etc.), you do not have to! We do offer packing and unpacking services as well.

Why are we the best long distance moving company?
When we say we are the ‘best long distance moving company’ in the region, it is not just a claim, it is a fact. Here are some reasons why we think so:

  • Complete package from packing to delivering as well as unpacking is offered by us.
  • We own and operate our own fleet of vehicles
  • Ensuring a smooth and safe experience for our clients and their possessions is our top priority.
  • Our goal is to be the best long distance moving company in the country.
  • We offer complete packing and unpacking services to our clients along with providing them with in-house moving as well. for example, arranging the furniture as desired at your new location or assembling beds.

S&S Movers is are only made to make your life easier. Our movers are trained to guide you through the entire process. You can give us a call today and one of our experts will get in touch with you to help plan your long distance move. You can reach us here: (225) 767-2940 (225) 754-0403.

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