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Are you planning to hire people to help you pack and make a list? Well, S&S make your work easier. Moving has always been a headache for people and the experts at S&S helps you to make your work easier. We have the best packing plans. Our team will make 2 lists of all the items that will be packed with one of it reserved and handed to you so you can recheck everything at the time of delivery.

Benefits Packing list

There are a lot of benefits in making a list of all your items.

  • You can make a list and recheck all the items at the time of delivery

  • You can put all your Important documents (visa, passport, plane tickets, itinerary, etc.) in a safe place
  • With the packing list it will be easy for you to know that which item is kept in the boxes, for instance, if you are looking for a glass decoration and it is kept in the glass items box…
  • Without a packing list we often forget what they bought along, the list will help you remember everything while going through the boxes after delivery
  • Our team will make 2 packing list, one will be given to you after everything is packed and ready to go (You can make your own packing list too)


  • Keep, sell, give, or trash
    Go through your home and decide which things are worth the trouble to move. Which you could potentially sell?. Which you might want to donate?. & which you should throw away?
  • Plan what will go where in your new home
    If you can make a floor plan of your new home, Plot out where you intend to place your furniture. If there is a piece that wouldn’t fit, It’s best to figure out now before you have gone through the trouble of moving it.
  • Create an inventory of your home
    Focus on the most important and/or valuable things to you. You will be using this list at the end of the move to make sure that everything made it safely. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of items that may get damaged to show their condition prior to the move.
  • Organize school records
    If you have children, arrange to have their records transferred to the new school they’ll be attending after they move.


  • Slow down on your grocery shopping
    Start using the things that you don’t need to move. Such as frozen foods, cleaning supplies, paper goods etc.
  • Sell what you can. Where you can.
    If you have a significant amount of items that you have decided to sell, organize a garage sale to get rid of them. You can also sell any extra things online
  • ✓Donate anything that is in good condition that you weren’t able to sell

    Give to friends, or donate to a local charity. Make sure to get receipts for the approximate value of the donated items for potential tax deductions later.

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