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Packing & Wrapping

You don’t have to worry anymore for packing, let us do it for you. Usually packing gets messy and confusing. It is all over the place and people get bewildered regarding where to start or what to start with? Let us help you avoid these type of questions and relive you of the stress you are undergoing. We’d love to step in and look after all the packing for you.

Packing & Protection:

Each and every mover of S&S moving company arrives completely prepared for every single item or any situation that may occur. Our movers come to you with top quality accessories and special protective padding for fragile goods.

We use special packing and use our unique tried and tested method of packing that keeps everything safe and your breakables will reach our destination in the original condition.

Wrapping plays a vital role when it’s about the prevention from any kind of crack or damage. Sometimes corners and sides of the furniture also get dragged through the floor that leads to damages.

Here is how we pull this off:

Furniture: Items like dining table, cupboard, tables, chairs, sofas and coffee tables are completely covered with fine wrap. We understand that furniture is heavy, hence there is always a considerable risk of damage. Small damages can easily be covered for with the help of proper wrapping. Thereby we use the right kind of material to wrap your furniture so that it is easy to carry and runs less risk of damage.

Small Accessories: Often during moving trivial things get lost but not under our direction. Small things of your house are never neglected due to their insignificant size under our watchful supervision. Therefore, we provide a strong protection for them too in order to avoid any kind of mishap. We have efficient packing and wrapping techniques under our sleeves to pack the smaller things that will not let any harm come to these things. We do not just cram items in one box, but place them very carefully.

Delicate Items: People often own delicate items like a piano or guitar or maybe some pricey antiques at their place. Nobody would like these valuables to be damaged or come to any harm . Therefore, we are more than careful about these things and try our level best to make sure that no damages are reported. We use special boxed and packing so that even on the road during a bumpy ride the product is safe and secure.

Kitchen: special attention is paid to kitchen tools and utensils by us. Everything else is also nicely taken care of. We are aware that separate items require separate kind of packaging and wrapping.

Do We Label Items and Compartmentalize them?

Yes, we do. We understand that it can get irritating and troublesome to find the item you are searching for from numerous boxes if they are not marked. We keep a tab on everything by marking the items properly and putting them in cartons according to their type so that once the boxes reach the destination you can easily unpack. For instance kitchen utensils will go under the box labeled with kitchen utensils, no other type of stuff is going to find its way in this particular box.

How do I Double Check?

We believe in preparing a checklist and a list of items that help us count all the items and make sure everything reaches its destination. We recommend you also prepare such a list so that you are able to double-check everything.

Can You Help me Unpack?

We offer a complete moving solution which involves unpacking as well. All you have to do is let us know in advance that you will require unpacking services too. We actually recommend that you let us unpack so that you don’t have to bother with it once you arrive. It will be like moving into a furnished place with no worries whatsoever.

Now that everything about packing and wrapping is clarified, it is time to evaluate the cost. You simply have to let us know your requirements regarding the service and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

You can get it by heading to the Free Quote page or getting in touch with us either via email or a phone call. You can reach us here: (225) 767-2940 or (225) 754-0403.

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